Why we love what we do

To be involved in club and travel teams requires enormous commitment. That commitment is on all levels. It involves intense practice and training for the players. Early wake-up times and late nights are expected. Parents spend countless hours managing schedules, travel time, and tournaments. And then there is the incredible dedication the coaches give to each and every player every day. Yet, who would rather be doing anything else? It’s the excitement, the anticipation, and the friends you meet. Lifetime experiences that are uniquely shared and often not understood by those not involved. In the end, we all are proud to be part of these programs.

At Team Spirit Wear we offer a tailored assortment of great products that appeal to all members of the family as well as the players. We have developed a custom and easy format to assist organizations in expanding this aspect of their business. We then work closely with each entity to produce and deliver products they are proud of. The concept of selling spirit wear to show support is easy but we wanted to take it one step further. By donating proceeds of sales back to the organizations we serve we create countless possibilities for advancement. Each organization identifies what they feel the best use of funds is for their collective goals. This way the goals for developing and growing their programs are more easily achieved.

Thank you for your commitment. We look forward to working with you and we are here to answer any question you might have.